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Are you a sports fan, or is it someone you love? With one of these 3D sports photo crystals, you will make medals obsolete. Forget the old gold/silver/bronze plates and try something truly innovative - the 3D laser etched glass captures the movement and energy that makes an athlete, bringing these photos to life. A true fan holds a 3D engraved picture of his favorite athlete. To personalize one of these sports photo crystals further, add an inspiring message or a quote from a favorite athlete, and turn it into a statuette.

    • Soccer Crystal 3D Gifts
    • $45.00
      Soccer 3D Photo Crystal Gifts Soccer is the most famous sport in the world. Celebrate the triumphs of those who give their all on the pitch with this stylish Soccer 3D Photo Crystal, which features an engraved rendering of a high-flying soccer player in hot pursuit of the ball. This handsome keepsake is the perfect way to reward the victorious...
    • Tennis Crystal 3D Gifts
    • $45.00
      Tennis 3D Photo Crystal Gifts If you're looking for a surefire smash when it comes to options in home decor, we've got an ace up our sleeve. Hold serve with the Tennis 3D Photo Crystal, a stylish and classy 3D optical crystal featuring the engraved rendering of a tennis player releasing a vicious forehead. Perfect for the tennis player in...