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5 Reasons to Choose a 3D Crystal

Some people are notoriously difficult to shop for. They may have everything already, or you may just want to give them something that is truly unusual or one of a kind. People looking for unique gifts often opt for ordering a photo on canvas. While this gift is thoughtful and unique, there are many reasons to choose 3D Crystal instead. For instance:

3D Crystals Are Compact

If you're looking for a personalized gift that won't be unwieldy or difficult to transport, a 3D crystal is perfect for you. 3D crystals are small. Our smallest crystal fits easily in the palm of your hand, and our largest crystals are only about 8 inches tall. They're the perfect size for wrapping in beautiful boxes, and they don't take up too much space in your loved one's home. Instead, they make small but interesting conversation pieces, perfect for featuring on a coffee table or shelf.

On the other hand, photo on canvas must be stretched onto a wooden frame and is expensive to ship and almost impossible to carry on an airplane.

3D Crystals Last Forever

A photo on canvas gifts imitate painted canvas, but over time, their colors fade. They're also susceptible to humidity and can be scratched, scraped, and cut.

3D Crystals are virtually indestructible. We use a special laser that focuses its beam of light below the surface of the crystal. Once the laser is properly positioned, it makes a powerful pulse, which obliterates a tiny spot inside the crystal. The laser then moves to the next position and sends another pulse. This process is repeated until your image is clearly etched into the crystal. The surface of the crystal is not compromised in any way, so the crystal maintains its strength and will not be damaged over time. It's an heirloom that you can pass down for generations without worrying about time-inflicted damage.

3D Crystals Are Highly Personalizable

When you decide to have a 3D crystal created, you begin by choosing a good quality photo. Like the photo on canvas gifts, 3D crystals are highly personalized. The difference is that crystals give you a 3D image, bringing your image to life in a unique way. We convert your 2D photo into a 3D crystal by using a sophisticated software program. You can choose a portrait of a single person or a picture showing two or even three people. Whether you want to show a couple celebrating their wedding day or a portrait of your father for Father's Day, you can use your creativity to personalize your 3D crystal to make the perfect gift. Unlike photo on canvas, 3D crystals come in many different shapes and sizes. You can customize your crystal to accentuate your chosen picture and to fit the crystal's setting in the home or office.

3D Crystals Help You Join the 3D Trend

A photo on canvas gifts hang on the wall, just like every other picture in the house, but 3D crystals show that you're tech savvy and up-to-date in your taste. 3D is all around us now, from computer games to theater movies and TVs. While photo on canvas may appeal to some people with traditional tastes, 3D crystals appeal to both the artistic and techy sides of people. They're beautiful, tasteful, and incredibly modern, all at the same time.

When you give a 3D crystal as a gift, you're tapping into the 3D trend while providing your loved one with a timeless, heirloom-quality gift.

3D Crystals Are Easy to Order

We do the hard work of producing beautiful, personalized crystals, and we've made ordering easy for you. All you have to do is upload your photo on our website and choose your options. We accept the following file formats: JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, and PNG. As part of our easy ordering process, you can also choose if you would like text engraved (it’s Free!) on your crystal along with your image. We offer five different font options. You can also choose to add a symbol like a heart by mentioning the symbol you’d like in the "Special Instructions" portion of the product page. Once you finish deciding on your options, you simply choose the quantity you want and place your order. You'll receive an order confirmation by email, and your order will be shipped within two or three days.



As you can see, it's wise to choose 3D Crystals over a photo on canvas gifts. 3D Crystals are durable, unique, and both trendy and timeless. They're easy to order, and they arrive at your home or your loved one's home in a timely manner. You can customize them with your own image, and you can choose the size and shape that will make the most appealing gift. We're sure you'll be pleased with your 3D crystal. In fact, we're so confident that you'll love your 3D crystal that we offer a 21-day return policy for all of our crystals. Find out what you've been missing, and order a 3D Crystal today!