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Show your faith through these 3D religion photo crystals and find something that speaks to your eyes just like he speaks to your heart. There are classic religious symbols of Jesus, the Madonna and even Buddha. Just like vitrage in the church, these beautiful laser etched glass images will ignite your beliefs repeatedly. Whichever religious photo crystal you choose, the 3D engraved picture will capture every detail of the sacred images. Surprise your faith-observant friends and family with one of these religious photo crystals, a gift for eternity.

    • Praying Hands Crystal 3D Gifts SALE
    • $58.99 $69.99
      Praying Hands 3D Photo Crystal Gifts The Praying Hands 3D Photo Crystal is the perfect way to accent the decor in any house (or office) that lives by the power of prayer. This highly stylish rectangular-shaped 3D optical crystal features the engraving of an artist's rendering of two hands clutched in the position of prayer while holding rosary beads. This...
    • Christian Cross Default 3D Gifts
    • $63.99
      Christian Cross 3D Photo Crystal Gifts The death of Jesus is the greatest story ever told. For those who hold on fervently to their faith in God and who will be more than happy to share the good news at every turn, you can gift them with a lovely decorative Christian Cross 3D Crystal that will serve as an inspiration...
    • Buddha Crystal 3D Gifts
    • $63.99
      Buddha 3D Photo Crystal Gifts Although enlightenment may come from within, the awakening of your external world definitely can't hurt. The Buddha 3D crystal is a rectangular-shaped optical crystal which features an artist's detailed rendering of the Buddha. It serves as a constant reminder of his teachings and the inner peace which he stood for and comes in five sizes:...
    • Madonna Crystal 3D Gifts SALE
    • $58.99 $69.99
      Madonna 3D Photo Crystal Gifts This is actually one of the most common images in all of the Christian art, especially within the Catholic denomination. The Madonna is a referral specifically to the Virgin Mary; the mother of Jesus. For the faithful searching for an elegant decoration for themselves or one that they can give as a gift, look no...
    • Christ Crystal 3D Gifts
    • $139.99
      Christ 3D Photo Crystal Gifts Although you might not know it, the person with the most popular birthday in history is none other than Jesus Christ himself. Every year, billions of people around the world gather to celebrate his birthday. For a person who has proven to be faithful to God and his teachings, the perfect gift would be this...
    • Pope Benedict XVI Crystal 3D Gifts
    • $45.00
      Pope Benedict XVI 3D Photo Crystal Gifts The immediate past pope was a great leader. As the head of the Catholic Church, he spearheaded various reforms that were set on bringing peace to the world, and his impact will be felt by the people of the world for decades to come. He was a beloved leader that inspired devotion on...