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An art piece as a gift is precious. A personalized engraved crystal art gift is priceless! 3D Gifts is your premier online distributor of unique laser-engraved crystal mementos. Using top laser technology, we provide you with an astonishing 3D piece of crystal art, displaying an etched photo of your choice. Each heirloom is custom made to suit as a unique gift for your loved one, your relative or your colleagues, with a special engraving to commemorate that special occasion. We offer a variety of world renown treasures of astonishing crystal: Impressive religious-themed crystals, breathtakingly vivid beasts of the wild, action-packed sports players, unique zodiac sign figures and many more, available in an array of different shapes and sizes, meaning there’s one piece of laser-etched crystal for every desktop, bookshelf and mantle. Just choose - and it's on the way! Your 3d gift is merely a few clicks away, order now and we will be sure to start engraving your selected image instantly. You too can be the owner of an art crystal, it's as simple as selecting the image you like and placing the order. Our laser professionals are waiting on your decision!

    • Dog - Personalized 3D photo crystals gifts on 3D Crystal Clear
    • Dog
      Dog 3D Photo Crystal Gifts It has been said that every dog is to have its day. That day is today. The 3D dog crystal is a beautifully crafted rectangular-shaped optical crystal, featuring a comprehensive representation of a dog. It has a sleek and highly stylish design and it comes in five size variants (Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL)....
    • Dolphins - Personalized 3D photo crystals gifts on 3D Crystal Clear
    • $45.00
      Dolphins 3D Photo Crystal Gifts If you've got an awesome villa by sea and you'll like to customize it with new furniture and fittings, the elegant Dolphin 3D Crystal is one of the best choices for you to get. It's beautiful and stylish and with five different sizes to choose from (Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL). The 3D dolphin...
    • Eagle - Personalized 3D photo crystals gifts on 3D Crystal Clear
    • $59.00
      Eagle 3D Photo Crystal Gifts The Eagle has earned the title ‘King of Birds', and for good reason, too. Its sheer strength, speed, determination, and power are all testaments to the fact that this bird stands out among the pack. The Eagle has also long served as a symbolic representation of the strength of the United States. If you've got...
    • Elephant - Personalized 3D photo crystals gifts on 3D Crystal Clear
    • $45.00
      Elephant 3D Photo Crystal Gifts The Elephant is the largest land mammal in the world. It is a symbol of opulence, abundance, and prosperity. Elephants have been depicted in various art forms going back as far as the Stone Age, and in modern times, their depictions remain vastly popular. The Elephant 3D Photo Crystal is a perfect representation of all...
    • Horses - Personalized 3D photo crystals gifts on 3D Crystal Clear
    • $45.00
      Horses 3D Photo Crystal Gifts For the equestrian lover, you know who has always dreamt of galloping and trotting the days away, the Horse 3D Photo Crystal is a wonderful keepsake that will surely send them into a frenzy of delight! This elegant optical crystal keepsake features a well-sculptured engraving of two beautiful horses - one close-up showing the animal's...
    • Jaguar - Personalized 3D photo crystals gifts on 3D Crystal Clear
    • $45.00
      Jaguar 3D Photo Crystal Gifts Whichever home or office that features the dazzling elegance of the Jaguar 3D Photo Crystal will be channeling the power and raw strength that the Jaguar has been widely known for. This awesome crystal art features an engraved rendering of the mighty Jaguar. The perfect symbol for animal lovers or those whose personalities comes with...
    • Lion - Personalized 3D photo crystals gifts on 3D Crystal Clear
    • $45.00
      Lion 3D Photo Crystal Gifts The Lion has been celebrated in art for thousands of years, and for a good reason. It possesses the perfect amalgamation of speed and stealth and that makes it the apex predator and the perfect hunter. King of the Jungle? It's earned that right fair and square. The noble king of the jungle receives the...