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    • Rose Crystal 3D Gifts
    • $139.99
      Rose 3D Photo Crystal Gifts Every rose may have its thorn. However, this saying doesn't hold true when it comes to this lovely keepsake - the Rose 3D Photo Crystal. With this beautiful 3d crystal, you'll have a conversation piece that will surely keep everyone talking. This 100%-crystal ornament is the perfect gift for the one person who you consider...
    • Sagittarius Crystal 3D Gifts
    • $45.00
      Sagittarius 3D Photo Crystal Gifts The freedom-loving and highly adventurous Sagittarius is known to possess unrivaled confidence that can easily come off as intimidating to most people. If you take inspiration from that self-assurance when shopping for that loved one, born between November 23rd and December 21st, who is in tune with their astrological being, then you'll have no doubt...
    • Scorpio Crystal 3D Gifts
    • $45.00
      Scorpio 3D Photo Crystal Gifts Ruled by Pluto and Mars, those born under the sign of Scorpio often come off as enigmatic and very strong-willed. But don't worry, though, the loved one in your life who were born between October 24th and November 22nd, and who is fully in tune with their astrological being, is sure to be quite giddy...
    • Soccer Crystal 3D Gifts
    • $45.00
      Soccer 3D Photo Crystal Gifts Soccer is the most famous sport in the world. Celebrate the triumphs of those who give their all on the pitch with this stylish Soccer 3D Photo Crystal, which features an engraved rendering of a high-flying soccer player in hot pursuit of the ball. This handsome keepsake is the perfect way to reward the victorious...
    • Taurus Crystal 3D Gifts
    • $45.00
      Taurus 3D Photo Crystal Gifts Comfortable living and giving the senses, a taste of pleasure is of the utmost importance to those ruled by the Taurus sign. Rewarding the sense of style of those born between April 20th and May 20th is made much easier thanks to this 100%-crystal keepsake that is fully customizable for the perfect birthday gift. Available...
    • Tennis Crystal 3D Gifts
    • $45.00
      Tennis 3D Photo Crystal Gifts If you're looking for a surefire smash when it comes to options in home decor, we've got an ace up our sleeve. Hold serve with the Tennis 3D Photo Crystal, a stylish and classy 3D optical crystal featuring the engraved rendering of a tennis player releasing a vicious forehead. Perfect for the tennis player in...
    • The Thinker Crystal 3D Gifts
    • $45.00
      The Thinker 3D Photo Crystal Gifts A timeless work of art that has endured the test of time and has lasted for well over a century, The Thinker has long been used to represent the study of philosophy and the search for wisdom. Now, this cherished symbol can accentuate the beauty of your home or office thanks to this mesmerizing...
    • Virgo Crystal 3D Gifts
    • $45.00
      Virgo 3D Photo Crystal Gifts The observant, analytical nature of those born under the Virgo sign will be certain to appreciate the detail and precision of this elegant Virgo 3D Photo Crystal. The perfect birthday gift for those born between August 23rd and September 22nd, and who are fully in tune with their astrological being, even the fussiest of Virgos...